Research and development on 3-D Omnidirectional Scanning Phased Array Antenna

Research Institutes:WaveArrays, inc. and Kobe University
Principal Investigator:Nobuyuki Kaya

Overview of the Research Project

The purpose of our research is to establish the high resolutional radar which can instantaneously measure echo waves from all the directions with the three-dimensional omnidirectional scanning phased array antenna, and to develop the various applications of the 3-D phased array radar at the wide frequency range in the S, X and K bands.

Purposes of the Research Project

The radar technology is very important because it is a useful technology for the various social applications including the automatic driving of vehicles. The combination of the radar with the three-dimensional omnidirectional scanning phased array antenna can make possible to observe the rapid temporal variations of the target objects and the surrounding conditions, that can promote the applications of radio waves.

Members of the Research Project

We promote our research and development and training of young researchers with the advantages of the venture company and the university

  • Nobuyuki Kaya (WaveArrays, inc. / Professor emeritus, Kobe University)
  • Yohei Miyake (Associate Professor, Kobe University)
  • Kouichi Nitta (Associate Professor, Kobe University)

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