Research and development on new short-range sensing technology using radio waves

Research Institute : Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Doshisha University
Research representative : Takuya Kurihara

Overview of R&D

Radio waves are used in various situations around us in addition to communications such as microwave ovens and GPS. We will proceed research and development of new sensing technology using such radio waves.

We will develop innovative sensors that can replace the short-range sensors used in general products.

R&D points

By effectively combining the circuit design technology of ATR and the antenna propagation technology of Doshisha University, and promoting the research by both organizations in the Keihanna area, we have established a short-range sensing technology that can be realized at a lower cost than the conventional method. And we aim for early social implementation.


Conference presentation

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  2. “A Study on Proximity Sensing Technology using Antenna Characteristics,” the 2020 Annual Meeting of IEEJ, 3-152, March 2020.
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